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(Master Control Unit (MCU) for Telemetry Systems)

Hawk Eye, the flagship product of GreenLantern IT Solutions, stands as a pinnacle in telemetry integration systems. At its core lies the Master Control Unit, a technological marvel designed to seamlessly integrate a myriad of ground telemetry equipment. From Antenna Control Units and Pedestals to Multi Couplers, Signal Receivers, IF Recorders, Decomm Displays, ARTMs, and Weather Stations, Hawk Eye serves as the central orchestrator, harmonizing these diverse components into a unified, efficient system.

What sets Hawk Eye apart is its versatility in communication protocols. With the ability to handle TCP/IP, UDP, and a spectrum of communication ports including RS232, RS422, Ethernet, FTP, REST/JSON, SOAP, and APIs, it stands as a testament to technological sophistication. This ensures compatibility with various equipment and facilitates smooth communication across the entire telemetry ecosystem.


The Master Control Unit within Hawk Eye is not just a convergence point; it’s a powerhouse of connectivity, enabling seamless data flow and interoperability. This integrated approach enhances operational efficiency, reduces complexity, and ensures Hawk Eye is at the forefront of cutting-edge telemetry solutions.

In essence, Hawk Eye, with its Master Control Unit, represents the epitome of excellence in telemetry integration. It’s not just a system; it’s a strategic asset that empowers organizations to unlock the full potential of their ground telemetry equipment, setting new standards in reliability and performance.

Salient Features are :

  • • Monitor & Control in one screen
    • Data Acquisition
    • Operational Modes
    • Mission Mode
    • Test/Configuration Mode
    • The unit will log all data associated with the functioning of
    ACU (antenna position, velocity, tracking errors, slave commands
    and modes of operation etc) with NTP time tagging for later analysis.
    • In test/configuration mode, the acquired data will facilitate performing BITE tests, post-flight analysis of station performance, etc…
    • RD Tran(Remote Data Transmission Network)