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Area of Expertise

At GreenLantern IT Solutions (GLITS), we pride ourselves on our ability to approach problems, situations, and requirements with a fresh perspective, often leading to unorthodox yet highly effective solutions that may initially appear unconventional.

Area of Expertise

Creative Problem Solving

We believe in creative problem solving, which is the cornerstone of our approach to product development. Our team excels in finding innovative solutions by stimulating both unstructured processes like brainstorming and structured techniques like lateral thinking. This combination allows us to deliver solutions that stand out in the market.

Our Diverse Expertise

As a product firm, GLITS thrives on diversity and embraces a wide range of projects without boundaries. This versatility has enabled our consultants to accumulate experience in numerous areas, including but not limited to:

  • Application Design, Development, and Testing (GUI, Database, etc.)
  • Android & iOS App Development
  • Web Development (Internet/Intranet)
  • Web-enabling Applications
  • Point-of-Sale and General Business Services Applications
  • System Architecture and Implementation
  • Client/Server Applications and Distributed Systems
  • Systems Integration
  • Platform Migrations and Code Porting
  • Object-Oriented Design and Analysis
  • Project Management Consulting
  • Technical Documentation and Training
  • Languages, Platforms, and Tools

We adhere to the “first time right” approach and the 80:20 principle, allowing us to consistently meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Our industry expertise empowers us to deliver top-notch solutions and services. Here are some of the languages, platforms, and tools we excel in:

General Languages: C++, C, Java, and more…

Web Technologies: PHP, XML, HTML, Apache Server, and more…

Frameworks: CRMs, PHP-Based Frameworks, and more…

Platforms: Windows (XP back to 2.x), UNIX (Linux), DOS, OS/2, VMS, MacOS.

Database Engines & APIs: MySQL, SQL Lite, Restful Web Services, JSON Web Services, and more…

Tools & Methodologies: Eclipse, NetBeans, and more…

We believe in adaptability and are ready to work with technologies beyond those listed above, ensuring that we meet your unique requirements. With GLITS, you can trust that your projects are in the hands of experts dedicated to delivering exceptional results.