Adopting ticketing system for your organization for IT /Non-IT-related issues or for facility-related issues or for your customers to raise service-based complaints indicates the organization thrust towards delivering a seamless experience to its employees or to customers.

Especially in service industry adopting ticketing solution helps to measure the quality of product supplied or the Quality of services Rendered to its end customers .

The best ticketing solutions also helps to identify the root causes and helps organizations to drive its teams towards customers delight by addressing problems proactively by analyzing the data captured through ticketing solution.

@your Service is One of the best ticketing application with following features.

Omni – Channel Support

Always customers looks at ease of registering complaints without lengthy conversations or waiting in “Q” to hear from any agent.

@your Service provides ease of accepting tickets through email, Live Chat, Phone, walk-ups or portal facility where they can log in and raise a complaint.

Ticket Assignments

Assignment of tickets to right people or deportment to reduces resolution time significantly.@your Service provides option to revert the ticket if it is assigned to wrong deportment or teams.

One  can see the ticket assignment and status updates continuously.

Work Flow Automation

@your Service provides workflow automation, which helps to complete predefined tasks and helps to increase the teams’ productivity.

For example tickets related to one segment can be diverted to experts of that verticle. If we are looking for a delivery issue, we can assign to delivery teams and flow continues. In this way, we can use teams productivity more efficiently which interns help achieving customer satisfaction.

Self Service at Ease

Customized Knowledge repository helps customers to quickly go through the solution which address 90% of their quarries.

This section helps customers to empower with the process flow/Product knowledge.

Chat Messenger

Our Chat Messenger helps users to chat with  experts live.Users will be able to see the agents status on chat messenger and can initiate chat.

Call Center Integration

Complaint Management module can be integrated with available IVR System at customer place . By doing so, we can reduce Complaint reporting time with reduced manpower.

Salient Features are as follows:

  • API Integration with On premise IVR System
  • Facility to create SR by End subscriber
  • Instant SMS with SR Number to Customer Mobile
  • Status Update in Mobile App Complaints section

Community Forums

Facility to provide  Community Forums on Ticketing Solutions helps  customers  fosters conversation among themselves and makes a brand of your product

  • A Place to host customer Conversations : Feedback for any product /service is crucial to understand the customer needs. Instead of getting feedback from social media, your self can initiate Forum discussions and can get feedback after a user registers on your website.You can have your own forum groups on your platform in a controlled environment
  • Thrive for more Conversations: Helps to guide new customers and make special by giving privileged features to long term customers, so that the customers always hooked on to your community forums. You can find more peer to peer learning by the customers about your product if you initiate a forum discussion on a specific topic.These forum discussions will help you to enhance product features, knowing the competition trends by loyal customers, finding easy solutions to perineal problems and most importantly customers come forward to help their fellow members.Customers can get alerts in the form of emails or Short messaging services if they are not hooked to the platform.

  • Contribution from Users : You get first hand feedback on your products features and usefulness from the users and helps to improve the products features.
  • Platform to Identify C-SAT: You can measure customer satisfaction by looking into the community activity of the customer. It gives insights into customer behavioral patterns.You also can raise tickets from community post as reference and can engage the customer by seeing his or her profile.
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