Authentication ,Authorization ,Accounting at its best flexibility.
Tested and integrated with BRAS and NAS and supports integration with OEM’s like Mikrotik, Cisco & Juniper.This feature is so flexible that we can integrate with any other Vendor platform.

  • Authentication : It Supports PPPoE, MAC Auth, IPoE.
  • Authorization : It Supports User Privileges
  • Accounting : It supports collection of usage statistics  of an user

Helps Internet Service provider to manage his bandwidth more efficiently based on the geography and usage pattern.

  • Supports to define Packages and plans
  • Control on upload and Download speeds
  • Time bound Bandwidth Management
  • Day wise Bandwidth Management

The most optimal way of representation of Bandwidth utilization,System  Resource utilization along with Traffic load .
User  Logs :
It Captures the complete System Logs of User
Self-Care Mobile App for End Users :

  • Monitoring of Bandwidth Usage
  • Live Requests for Package changes
  • Top up Requests
  • Payment gateway Integration
  • Integrated Complaint Management Module
  • Loyalty Bonus Points for Refer & Earn
  • Profile Management
  • Native IOS & Android Apps

Customer Relationship Management module  is designed by Industry experts having 20+ years’ experience in ISP vertical in India.CRM Application is designed with more flexibility to address various  business models adopted by Internet Service Providers.
Salient Features :

  • Lead Management
  • Franchisee Management
    • Lead  Management
    • Revenue Management
  • Complaints Management
  • Inventory Management
  • 30+ Customized Reports
  • Compliant Escalation Management
  • Customer Life Cycle Management

Prepaid & Post Paid :
Radius365 Supports Prepaid &Postpaid billing.Salient features of Billing Module is as follows

  • Flexibility of defining packages based on Geography
  • Flexibility of defining packages based on Reseller/Franchisee
  • Flexibility to define packages based on Time & Day
  • Supports FUP ,Limited and Unlimited Packages

Franchisee Management :

  • Allows Franchise life Cycle Management
    • One Dash Board for all Franchisee
    • Automated revenue sharing between Franchise and Service provider
    • Franchisee wise lead Management
    • Pre Invoice templates for bill generations
    • 80% time Saving on Franchisee Settlements

Triple Play Billing :
Greater Flexibility for Current competitive market.Radius365 supports Triple Play billing which includes Video ,Voice & Data.It supports

  • Service Wise Tax Calculations
  • Customizable Invoice templates for Triple play Services

Our 30+ reports Serves Different appetites and demands  of Customers/Franchisee/Service provider. Salient Features

  • Fully Customizable
  • Can Be exported in CSV/EXCEL/PDF
  • Realtime reports to take informed decisions by Management
  • User reports on Mobile Apps
    • FUP Limit
    • Uplink/Down Link Usage
    • Profile Management
    • Payment History
    • Complaint history
    • Plan Details and Modifications

Service Request(SR) Management :
Provides flexibility to issue auto generated trouble ticket Numbers against Customer Complaints  to customers. Salient features are as follows

  • SR Can be raised through
    • IVR
    • Mobile App
    • Web Interface
    • Email

SLA & Escalation:
Dynamic facility to configure SLA and Escalation Matrix.Auto flow of escalation if the SR is not met the timelines of SLA.Salient Features As follows

  • Category wise SR Allocation
  • Re-Opening of Tickets if Subscriber is not satisfied with resolution
  • One View to management on Status of Complaints & Its resolutions

Complaint Management module can be integrated with available IVR System at customer place.By doing So ,we can reduce Complaint reporting time with reduced manpower.
Salient Features are as follows:

  • API Integration with On premise IVR System
  • Facility to create SR by End subscriber
  • Instant SMS with SR Number to Customer Mobile
  • Status Update in Mobile App Complaints section

Reports &Dashboards:
You can witness our industry competency in the report generation section.We have designed various report formats which helps management to take informed decisions.This section helps to analyze service quality and helps to ascertain root cause analysis of perineal issues.Salient Features of the Section is as follows.

  • Complaints with Category wise
  • Status of Complaints
  • Service Enggr wise Complaint status
  • Inventory used Against Complaints
  • SLA mapping to complaints

Sales Management Module helps to classify Cold,Warm & Hot leads .You can capture complete opportunity details along with expected closure dates.Salient features is as follows.

  • Status of leads
  • Updates of client Interactions
  • Proposal Templates
  • Follow-up reminders
  • Agent wise opportunities
  • Closures Vs Open Opportunities

Mobile App brings ease of field  operations. Executives can create ,Modify & Edit  opportunities from field it self .Salient Features of Mobile App is as follows.

  • Available on Android & IOS platforms
  • Navigation & Tracking to the client Place
  • Activity Capture on Google Maps
  • Status Updates of the opportunities
  • Integration with CRM
  • Documents upload from App it self once the opportunity closed.
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