All In one Referral and Rewards Platform

  • Increases Referrals
  • Integrates to POS
  • Improves Retentions
  • Helps Social Media Promotion
  • Helps for repeated footfall

How It Works

Reward : You can customize the reward program and launch in minutes.You can reward your customers in the following way

  • If he Installs Mobile App
  • Installs Mobile App and purchases first product /Service
  • If he forwards mobile App Link to his friends /Contacts
  • If he gives written/Video Testimonials
  • If he shares link on Social Media i.e Face Book/Insta Gram/Twitter
  • If he purchase Packages/Services
  • Rewards bases on spend
  • Digital Coupons

How it works

Integrate : You can integrate Perks 365 program to web Site ,POS and Mobile App platform where customer access your products or Services .This platform helps you to spend more time on your core business than spending on loyalty programs.
Retain : This program helps to retain the customer and with frequent communication, we encourage customers to refer their friends and family members. Remember by adopting this loyalty bonus system customers will become brand ambassadors for your products or Services.
Grow :Helps to grow your business by increasing referrals, adding more customers and making the customer to buy more times. Increased activity in social media helps growing business in an organic way.



  • Branding : We customize referral program with your branding ,which includes adopting of your Colourtherems ,Logos along with font sizes.
  • Communication : Sending Communication to end customers with branding standards incudes SMS and email communication with approved templates.


  • Earning Rules : No business model is same.You can customize your own Earning rules to your customers and Perks 365 platform is so flexible where you can design your own program.
  • For Special Occasions : You can reward your customers automatically on their special occasion days i.e Birthdays or Wedding Anniversary days.


Cashing Points

Cashing Points

  • Custom Rewards : Add rewards specific to your products and business.
  • Coupon Codes : Perks 365 supports single or multi use coupon codes .These coupons gets used often  on App or online store. Perks 365 has alert mechanism for  Single use coupons if it is running low.
  • Reward Partners : You can collaborate to issue rewards from other companies or partners.


Referral Offer :Perks365 allows you to create a referral offer that your customer can share with their friends and family to encourage them to try your product /service .Features of the referral offers as follows

  • Coupon title ( Get 50% on first service /Package Purchased)
  • Expiration days ( Recipient has to use the offer in the given time
  • Picture
  • Promotion Details

Sending Referrals :Perks365 enables your esteemed customers to refer friends and family to your business by the following means

  • Email
  • Face Book
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • What’s app
  • Share Link


Completing Referral : Perks365 automatically tracks when a referred proposal becomes a customer of your business,you can decide what actions the referred person must do for the referrer to earn points for the referral.

  • Make a purchase at your business
  • Make a membership at your Salon/Jim
  • Take a class at your studio
  • Get at Service Hair cut/Facial at your Salon

This process enables you to only reward referrals that generate revenue for your business. And Since it automatically tracks when referred friends become a customer It eliminates manual work to track customers



Frequency of Promotions : This feature allows you to set weekly or monthly goals to set to your customers such as spending money or number of visits or availing of packages. Customers earn bonus points when they achieve the goal.
Some Examples :

  • Fitness studios and health clubs use it to get members to exercise more regularly so that they can stick longer
  • Businessess use to get their brand more exposed to Social Media
  • Retailers use to encourage customers to spend more than they would have

 The Settings Include :

  • Amount Spent,Check -Ins,Referrals,etc
  • Weekly or Monthly goal
  • Bonus Points if Mile Stone is achieved
  • Valid Locations

The promotion is customized in emails and on the site.If you already have a Perks365 program in place refer this document to learn more Adding a time bound Bonus
Time bound Promotions : You can run promotions to incentivize activities during specified date range.The settings include:

  • The action the promotions is for(Purchase,Check- in ,Referral,etc)
  • Point multiplier
  • Valid Locations
  • Date Range

The promotion is merchandised in emails and on the site. Business often use this feature to motivate customers during competitive periods like Christmas season or lean business seasons.
Time Bound Bonus : You can run promotions to incentivize activities during specified days and times,the setting include.

  • The action the promotion is for
  • Point Multiplier
  • Valid Locations
  • Days and Times

Social Media : You can incentivize your customers to tweet about your business in twitter or writing a review through mobile app on face book or sharing a link in Instagram.
Follow on Social Media : You can reward your customers for following your business on Twitter,Facebook,Instagram


Redemption Reports  :Perks365  can customize the reports based on the requirement. Broadly you can have

  • The redemption overview report provides a summary of all the redemptions
  • The redemptions detailed report provides a list of each individual redemption

Referral Reports :

  • The referral overview report provides a summary of the referral leads and completed referrals
  • The referral details report provides the individual line item referrals.

Other Reports : Perks365 provides various other reports to help you to monitor and manage referral program

  • Points by location report to track activity at each location
  • Top points earner report to track your top customers
  • Social Media Activity Report
  • Top Ambassadors reports to show those customers that are promoting your business the most


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