O2 -Private Chat Messenger (Enterprise)

One Stop Solution for all your work place Communication & Collaboration Instant Messaging ,GroupChat,VirtualMeetings,Video& Audio Conferences & Many More Available on Desktop ,IOS & Android

  • O2 Makes every minute work conversations effortless : Connect instantly via 1-1 chat or start group conversations by creating groups for sharing ideas or  making sales announcements .You can initiate video/audio conference to share any ideas or marketing activities to sales teams.
  • Burn Boundaries with O2 Messenger App : With O2 Messenger ,it is easy to connect on voice or video with remote teams. Get On a video or audio call from Chat messenger and share your screen to discuss reports or conduct presentations. Create a neutral communication platform irrespective of your sales teams physical limitations.
  • O2 Keeps all your’s and team’s information handy :  Facilitates attachment of files in the form of PDF, Excel, JPEG, MPEG to your chats .You can attach your location Maps, Contacts or access Camera from Chat messenger itself.

Private Chat Messenger

  • O2 Makes your Team More Productive : Teams can approach their clients in a more informed way and they also can plan their day with reminders more efficiently.
    Share Sales Announcements more instantly to teams so that sales teams are updated with real-time information.
  • Open to Integrate with Business Apps : It facilitates to bring all your work tools at one place with third party App integration features.

Sales Force Automation

Lead Management is already integrated with O2, As a team lead you can have real funnel status and sales numbers. You can see your team members daily plan schedule and their status in the field minute by minute.

Database in your Control

O2 Chat Messenger Can be installed on Cloud or on-premise based on your organization IT policies.

We provide complete control of the database to your IT staff , so that chat history, user credentials, Document Management can be adhered by respective company IT Policies.

Database In your Control

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Channel Creation

File Sharing

Video Sharing

Mutliparty Conferencing

White labeling

Custom Themes

Web Chat Compatability

Field Agent Tracking

Expenses Management

Sales Dashboards

Multipart VA conferencing

File Sharing Option

Desktop/Application Screen Sharing

Email Integration

Broadcast group Creation

Invite Collegues

Mute Notifications

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Local Conveyance tracking

Tour Claims Submission

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