Always Connected (For Owners /Tenants) :

Homes365 provides gated community social networking platform which helps to connect the living community and vendors .Stay Connected means knowing ongoing activities within the community in spite of available in the premise or not.

Payments :

Residents can pay their Monthly Maintenances through integrated payment Gateway.They Can get Instant SMS on the payment receipt and email with the acknowledgement to the registered email ID.

Document Management :

One Place Where in all documents can be placed and shared to all residents .

Property Management :

Flexibility to manage multiple properties,Tenants and Apartment data including Resident Details,Parking allotments etc.

Complaint Management :

Residents can raise complaints at their ease and can monitor their complaint status either on provided Web interface or on mobile app.

Residents can re-open their tickets if the complaint is not addressed as per their satisfaction.

A Window to Community :

Information on  activities in the community eg .Fitness Classes in club house /Yoga Classes or Events which includes  promotional activities right on the Homes365 App.You can get most of living in a community with homes365 App.

Facility booking :

Provides real time club house/Tennis Courts slot availability details and facilitates booking with online Payment gateway Integration.This Feature brings ease of booking at your convenient time.

Activities Notification :

You feel connected with this module as it gives notifications on Mobile App /Web Interface /SMS message (Optional) based on the activities ,so that every resident feel connected with the ongoing activities in the community.

Resident Directory :

You can have all contact details at one place and is readily available to get access at any time.You can find professionals i.e Doctors in case of  emergency.

Vendor Directory :

Approved Vendors details will be seen and you can directly call them to avail their services.

We provide our Best software,So you can do your best work with Minimum Time & Cost

One Place for Management :

As a community member or Property Manager ,This feature helps you to have single view!

Allows you to send Broadcast messages and reminder emails and notifications through Homes365 Platform .

Facility Booking:

This module helps the association to make common facility booking online with time along with the payment gateway integration.

Residents can access the available slots and book at their convenience and can also pay through online Payment gateway by using Credit/Debit/ Net banking or any other Wallets.

This facility helps hassle free booking of facilities and avoids conflicts of double bookings and dependency of availability of Managers.

Help Desk Tracker :

Provides facility to track the complaints and its status .It provides residents a convivence to raise tickets to respective deportment i.e plumbing/ Electricity or Gardening Maintenance etc.

It gives information on no.of complaints by resident wise and SLA tracking of complaint resolution.

This feature helps the facility managers/Association members  to take informed decisions to resolve perineal problems.

Asset And Inventory Management :

With this module Resident Welfare Association(RWA) will have all inventory and asset details at one place.It provides facility for AMC tracking ,Service and compliant records.It helps you to keep track of expenses which is spent on Inventory and Assets.

Document Management :

Facilitates Central Storage facility for all community related documents i.e Property/MOM etc.

Vendor Management :

Details of enrolled vendors ,Invoices & Payouts History shall be provided in this module .

Billing & Accounting :

Reduces 80% of work load for Collections and  Reconciliations .helps to keep cashflow Data on finger tips and provides Transparency.

Income Vs Billing :

Smooth bill generations will help timely collections. This module helps to generate hassle free billing to has got facility to add utility expenditure like common electricity and Water separately and has facility to monitor against each component.

It provides Multiple Bill payment options i.e Online or Cash .Facility Manager can generate instant invoices against cash receipts. Cheque  collections and Cheque Bounce Monitoring facility is also available.

Expense Tracker :

This module provides facility to track expenses against different headers .Property Manager can create different expenses headers dynamically. It provides single view of Complete expenses and sub components of expenses.

Online Payment Gateway :

Homes365 has integration with Industry best Payment Gateway Service providers with 100% success rates.

Instant Acknowledgements for payments are generated inform of SMS,email and Notification.

Updates on Payment History Tab in Mobile App gives complete payment history of resident .

For Communication :

Open Communication Brings Trust Amongst Community Members:

Open Communication brings transparency between Residents ,Association Members and Managers.This module helps to create trust amongst users.

This module works as a Public addressing system in short.It facilitates to communicate in the form of email/message/SMS.

With Instant messages all residents will get updated information on the ongoing activities in the community.

Perimeter Security at Ease.Less worry about the Security of the home and community and loved ones.

This modules works on proactive and Reactive request basis.

Proactive Visitor Management :

Resident or Tenant can post his expected visitor /vendor with identification details ,so that the security guards at gates can allow the visitors without any waiting at the gate.

Reactive Visitor Management :

Guards at security gate will be provided with Visitor Management App wherein they can send request  to resident informing him/her about the visitor presence.It has got option of making a GSM call if the resident is not responded in time.

Visitor Notifications:

Residents can get visitor notifications on Mobile App/SMS .they Can Reject the Visitor Entry to avoid unwanted visitors in the premise.

Expected Visitors:

Part of Proactive Visitor Management .

Mobile Calling Facility/What’s App Calling facility:

No need to search for the mobile /land Line number of Resident.Security guard can make GSM call from the app against visitor entry to the the particular Resident

Visitor List :

You can have total visitor count along with their time spent in the premise. This helps to have insights on various parameters which helps intern to have flawless security.

For Security Guard :

Technology at its Ease,Easy UI to navigate to the required parameters.

This helps to reduce 80% of Security guard paper work and helps guards to pay attention on the moment of Residents/Visitors/Vendors/Maids.It gives insights of expected visitors along with the time.

Visitor Entry :

Proactive visitor notifications helps guards to maintain lesser que at gates and increases the productivity of the guards. It helps to reduce the paper  work and helps hassle free operations.

Reports :

Can be configured for overstay alerts and non check out alerts to have grater control on visitor movement.


For taking approvals from residents ,guards can make GSM calls from Visitor Management system itself or they can make What’s app call whichever is feasible.

Staff /Maid Management :

Staff Management module helps to track the attendance and work hours of the staff which intern helps to minimize the fraudulent activities of attendances .This module helps supervisors work and ensures staff on time arrival to the facility.We can Integrate  the attendance management module to Payroll system.

Few More Features are as follows.


Goods Delivery

Black List and Watch list of Vendors/Staff

The Security Solutions at its best .Gives convenience and ease of operations with less paper work.

For Welfare Association Committee, Resident and Association Office

Reporting :

No geographical limitation to access security statistics and dashboards.With Gatekeeper your processes seamlessly work irrespective of you personally monitor or not..! Gatekeeper assures you on the maintenance of Confidentiality of the visitors .Data of the visitors is only exposed to authorized people in the community.

Reports But not limited to :

  • Incident Investigation
  • Staff reports
  • Visitor Reports
  • Commercial Vehicle Moment in &Out
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