Manage your Business 24X7 ,365 days with our FoneLab Solutions. We provide multiple solutions  to contact your esteemed customers and engage them with ongoing operations update /sharing of product features /running any marketing campaign   through Short Message Services ,Voice blast through our voice broadcasting solutions. You can run a campaign to measure your customer satisfaction or to understand product penetration.

Fonelabs is a cloud based IVR solution which helps to route the calls based on the customer need.It helps to manage the business 24X7.You can review the call conversations to provide best customer experience and service. It helps to be always on and ensures all customers calls get answered.You can integrate with CRM,ERP.

  • Call Center Solution
  • Miss Call Service
  • Out Bound Calling Service
  • Bulk Message Service
  • Voice Broad Cast
  • Call recording

You can record all the answered and received business call .This feature helps to review the agent response which intern helps to improve the quality of the service

Time Bound /Service wise call routing :

  • Based on the customer chosen option ,you can route call directly to respective deportments.

IVR Solutions:

  • Intelligent IVR Solution Interacts with customer and re-route calls to the respective deportments.

SR through SMS:

  • You can acknowledge customer interaction through SMS with Service request number if the call is meant for Service.

Greeting Messages :

  • Personalized Greetings for the existing callers when they call helpdesk.

Call Transfer :

  • This feature helps to transfer the call to address customer queries more efficiently by experts

CRM Integration:

  • By Integrating with any existing CRM ,Fonelab Solution helps to have seamless information flow between departments.

Same Agent @ Every time:

  • If the agent is free this feature helps to route the customer always to same agent so that ,customer can have comfort while talking to agent.

Call Traffic Tracking :

  • Any given Point of time Floor Manager can see the on going call status and agents engagement which helps to measure the productivity.

Call Queuing :

  • Incoming calls can be queued if all agents are engaged. Recorded Voice message can be played till the agent answers.

Voice Mail Box :

  • This feature helps to leave an voice mail when all agents or busy or if the call comes after business hours.

Business Hours :

Configure the business hours and record voice messages and create lead/Service complaints if the call comes after business hours.

Plans & Pricing :

Customize plans based on individual requirements.

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