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Since three years Cable industry has gone through series of changes and after New Tariff Order(NTO)  implementation which is effective from 31st March 2019 ,It is forced to adopt digital way of working by Local cable Operators (LCO) & MSO

Digitalrupay  is proud to announce  that we are quick to adopt the new regulatory changes in our CRM exclusively designed to ease operations of LCO and MSO.

Cashbox 365 comes with different features for different operational purpose.

Customer convivence at its best  .Collection on the Go

Hassle Free Access :

Customer Selfcare Mobile App/Web Interface:

  • Profile Management
  • Online Payment facility
  • Online Complaint Management facility
  • Online Request for STB upgradations /Relocations/Surrender
  • Refer & Earn
  • Loyalty Bonus Points
  • Flexibility to change Packages/Ala Carte Channels through App
  • Payment And Complaint History

Local Cable Operator:

Provides ease of doing business and gives unparalleled edge over DTH as operator  gets complete digitized features

1)Customer Life Cycle Management

2)Customer Profile Management

3)STB & Inventory Details at Customer Premise

4)Complaint Management

5)Customer Ala Carte and Package Details

6)Customer Discount Details

7)Lead Management

8)Relocation or Dunning

9)Self Care App for Customers

10)Collection Details ,Area Wise/Group Wise

11)GPS Tracking of Field Staff

12)Navigation and Tracking

13)Payment & Compliant History

14)KYC Management

15)QR/BAR Code Scan Facility

16)API for Call Center Integration for Lead& Complaint Management

17)API’s for SMS Integration

18)SMS & Payment Gateway Integration

19)What’s App Invoice Sharing Facility

20)50+ Report Generation facility

21)Option to divide staff as per Zones/Areas

Inbuilt Security Features:

1)Secure Access as per the Employee Profile

2)Unique SDK files for every LCO

3)Access Control as per employee Profile

4)SSL Certified Sub Domains for every LCO

5)no inter operable of User Names in web Interface

6)Access Control based on employee profile


Collection Agents:

1)Customer outstanding details

2)Customer payment Status

3)Facility To accept Cash Payments

4)Issuance of Bills through Blue tooth Printers

5)Reports of Receivables Vs Collected Amount

6)Status of Team Members Collection

7)Edit Customer Package/Ala Carte Channels

8)Navigation to Customer Address

9)Daily report Generation

10)Clear Colour Differentiation of Paid /Unpaid/Partial Paid Customers

11)Call /SMS facility from Mobile App to register Mobile Number

12)Reminder Option for Scheduled/Re -Visits

13)Search options Based on Mobile/STB/Name /VC Card

14)Portability of Mobile App(Can Be installed and Go for Collection)

Technicians :

1)New Compliant Details

2)Complaint Updations from the field(WIP/Closed)

3)SLA Tracking

4)Navigation and Tracking of the Subscriber Address

5)GSM Call Facility to Customer

6)Pro Active Complaint Raise facility by Technician

7)In built QR/Bar Code Scanner

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